Touring Washington D.C. – Part 2 – The Capitol Tour

Larry and I were both very excited about the opportunity to take the Capitol tour while in D.C. We both liked it a lot more than The White House Tour, though don’t get me wrong, that is very good too. Touring Washington D.C. – Part 1. Larry and I both love history and thought this tour was fascinating. We learned so much. We did not get to meet any of the Congress men or women or any of the Senators either, but it was still a great tour. I wish we could have met some of the representatives. That would have made it a lot more special indeed.

The tour started with a short little video about both Congress and the Senate. Once the video ended, we took a guided tour

This lovely lady represents FREEDOM.

Our very knowledgeable guide.

This star is located in the center of Washington D.C.

Everything was so beautiful and ornate. This is the beautiful and intricate flooring of the Capitol building.

This chandelier is just exquisite. I think there are over 350 crystals used and it takes about 3 days to fully clean.

The Dome

Each state is allowed to send two statues to the Capitol, and they must be there for a minimum of 10 years. They can choose anyone they want o represent their state.

This statue represents Lady Liberty. An American eagle stands to Liberty’s right, and the scroll in her right hand is the Constitution of the United States. To her left, a serpent, the symbol of wisdom, is entwined around a section of a column.

This is the old Senate chamber. This was used until until 1859, when the Senate outgrew this chamber and moved into the new chamber that is still in use today. Because this chamber is no longer is use, other than for historical tours, we were allowed to take pictures. However, we are not allowed to take any pictures at all of the current chamber.

This is a stock photo of the current chamber, the only kind we are allowed to use.

Once again, it was a very informative and interesting tour. We are both so glad we were able to do this tour. I think it is beneficial for as many people as possible to take this tour, and to get a better understanding of our country and how it works.


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