Touring Washington D.C. – Part 1

WOW! Time just flies. As you all know, we just returned home last week, and I hit the ground running at full speed ahead. We haven’t really stopped since we got home, which has put me behind schedule too.

I just finished editing ALL my bazillions of pictures from our trip, and I will be sharing quite a few of them with you. I will NOT inundate you with ALL of them though. 🙂 We have also been keeping our social calendar very busy and very packed, had a funeral to go to, and I am going through all your fabulous submissions for our Great-Bloggers Bake-Off too. A big giant thank you to everyone who participated. I will be sharing those with you in good time. 🙂 Bottom line, I have been very busy since our return home.

But now, back to Washington D.C. We had two very full, jam-packed days in D.C. and saw a ton of things before heading to Richmond, VA for our niece’s wedding. The first day, we literally walked about 15-20 miles and covered a lot of the big to-do things of our nation’s Capital. We have been to Washington D.C. a few times, so many of these things we had seen before. There is just so much to see, it is impossible to see it all in one trip.

The Washington Memorial

We even saw Marine One fly in to pick up the President, though we never saw him. I was told by some of his security that this is a pretty rare sighting to see on a tour day.

The Lincoln Memorial

The WWII Memorial

The Vietnam Memorial

The Red Cross

The Park

The Botanic Gardens

And there is oh so much more that we saw as well. We took in all the sights and I took a ton of pictures along the way. But we were in a hurry and on a mission since we had timed appointments for touring both The White House and The House of Representatives.

I am glad I took the White House tour. It was beautiful and historic, and I can actually say I have been to the White House now, but once is enough. Larry ended up not taking The White House tour though, since neither of us knew we were not allowed to carry bags of any kind in and I had both my purse and my camera bag with me. Larry had already been on the tour, so he kindly sat it out and returned my purse and camera bag back to the car. I met up with him again after the tour had finished, so we could continue our D.C. journey and explorations.

E Pluribus Unum – Out of many, one

I am going to end this portion here and will continue on with another “episode” with many more good things to come. Stay tuned. 🙂


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15 thoughts on “Touring Washington D.C. – Part 1”

  1. My hometown. I used to live on Capitol Hill and my kids used to play on the lawn of the Capitol (back when you could actually do that). My cousin has worked at the White House since Reagan. It’s been a minute since I have been home, but would be glad to give you some tourist tips

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  2. When I lived in Philadelphia, I once took a group of Russian WWII veterans to tour Washington D.C. which included the White House. As we finished and were walking back to the bus, I realized that one couple was missing. I ran back to the gate, and there they were, trying to explain to the guards (in Russian) that they had been waiting for the President to come out and greet them.
    I suppose he didn’t come out for you as well, since you saw him flying away.

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