Touring Around the Island

On one of 2-tank dive days, we decided to tour around the island. Larry and I go to Cozumel all the time and know the island pretty well, but our friends Rich and Nancy don’t know the island as well. So when we rented our banana bug for the day, we drove them around the entire island to show it of. Statues on the Streets. We lovingly refer to Cozumel as “out island” since we go so often.

We headed down south, towards Punta Sur or South Point. That is where most of the good beaches are and Mr. Sancho’s, where we stopped for lunch. Mas Comidas de Cozumel.

We made quite a few stops and took pictures, as tourists do. That was, after all, the point of the trip. As we experienced while diving all week, the currents were ripping, even on top of the water’s surface. They are beautiful to look at.

The beach pictures.

I caught Rich in action.

Nancy and I have been captured in a rare dry moment, something very unusual for mermaids.

We even found a little chapel right on the beach.

After we hit the beach, the drive continued as we followed the road northwest.

The Cozumel Airport from the road.

And up at the northern point or Punta Norte, we came across another marina. In case you hadn’t noticed, I love boats and the water. This marina was more for the private boats and yachts. The marina or caleta we did our diving from was south and was more for the fishing boats and dive boats. Most of the good diving is down south, though Larry and I have dived up north as well.

One of the beautiful views capturing the old and the new.

There is only one main road that goes around the island. We followed it all around, back towards the south, and going into the city. The city was busy and we didn’t stop for much, though as I have said, Larry and I have been there many times. Somethings change a lot and some things don’t change much at all.

Cozumel is very colorful and is rich with history. It is also a diverse little island that is filled with an abundant zest for life. it is definitely worth visiting, whether for the day or for some of the best diving in the world.


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