Cherry Custard Tart

This has been a very busy social week for us.  We have been getting together with friends all week, making up for lost time.  Sharing good foods and desserts with good friends just makes getting together that much more fun.  Janet had made some tabbouleh and asked if we wanted any, since she had made a whole bunch.  Ironically, we were going to use up our leftover steak as gyros for dinner, Quick and Easy Gyros so I just told Janet and Bob and to come on over and we could all enjoy everything together.  I made some tsaziki sauce, heated everything up, and pulled out the chips and hummus.  For dessert I made a cherry custard tart.  Success yet again.  I love it when a plan comes together.


Cherry Custard Tart


Pate Sucre Dough Honey and Pine Nut Tart

Cherry Custard Filling

4 large egg yolks

1/2 cup sugar

1 TBSP cornstarch

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup heavy cream

1 TBSP sweet liqueur – I used pomegranate liqueur

2 1/2-3 cups cherries, sweet or tart, cut in half and pitted

powdered sugar for dusting.


Preheat the oven to 350* F or about 180* C.


Once the dough has been chilled, roll it out to fit a 10″ tart pan and firmly press the dough into the pan.  Arrange the cherry halves around the dough.


Whisk together the egg yolks, sugar and cornstarch.  Then add the rest of the ingredients and whisk everything together well.  Carefully pour the custard over the cherries.  Place the tart in the oven and bake for at least 40 minutes, or until the center is completely set and the crust is lightly golden.


When the tart is done, let it cool completely before removing from the tart pan and dusting with powdered sugar.


You can definitely enjoy the tart as it, but it is much better when served either warm or at room temperature with some fresh whipped cream or ice cream.



Stay safe and stay well Everyone.  ‘Til next time.



Author: ajeanneinthekitchen

I have worked in the restaurant and catering industry for over 35 years. I attended 2 culinary schools in Southern California, and have a degree in culinary arts from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, as well as a few other degrees in other areas. I love to cook and I love to feed people.

21 thoughts on “Cherry Custard Tart”

  1. Why thank you this is quite timely and even maybe a God Send; as I just purchased my first California select fresh cherries in two, two pound trays and I needed something special to make good use of them all right away! The answer has arrived!

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      1. Indeed! Hopefully later today and if not tomorrow with a full afternoon chicken dinner which this will trim off or top like all get out! Funny too is Cherries since I was a boy were my favorite fruit especially for pies, so much in fact I would bug my mom whenever she would do any baking to make it a cherry pie which I asked her to make so often that one day she said, “come I’m going to teach you how to make the crust and put together a great cherry pie!” I followed her instructions to the letter and from then on I was the “cherry pie king” in the home always making them and doing more than my part of eating them; never got sick of it either, as my current craving is a testimony! So, you struck a chord and picked a winner as far as this guy is concerned and I suspect tons of others feel the same way! My only problem is I’m nowhere as good a cook as you are and that is a given, but, I suppose it’s best to make due with what you’ve got and I don’t have any built in top chefs around at the present time, so an OK pie will be yummy 100% in my head! Have a yummy weekend Jeanne! 🤗 🖖 🙏 🙏 🖖❤🌹🌈

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      2. Hey, okie-dokie!!! I’ll try putting all the love I can into the making and baking but I’ll be sure to give my greatest love when its time to eat! 🙂 Thanks again Jeanne! Especially for your helpful tips!!!

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