So Long Facebook

Well, I finally did it!  I am actually still in the process of cancelling all my connections with Facebook, so it is not completed just yet, but it will be VERY shortly!  I finally had enough.  This morning, before going into work, I checked the computer, like I always do, only to find a notice from Facebook that I had been temporarily banned because “one of my posts offended someone”.  They never even bothered to say who it was, or what the offensive post was, just that I was temporarily banned.  So Facebook,  KISS MY ASS!  I am in the process of permanently banning them instead.  I just deleted my blog and my ads from Facebook, and sadly, “A Jeanne in the Kitchen” and it’s readers will suffer a major blow because of it, but at least I won’t have to play their stupid little games or be controlled by the Facebook Thought Police any more either.  That in and of itself is a huge relief.  It’s so sad that these are the times we are living in, but it is a harsh reality.  I find it very disturbing that because I am a Conservative, and a proud American, I am banned from a stupid social media page because of it.  When and how did we ever get to this sad state?  America is in SERIOUS trouble.  The censorship has already started and will only continue if we don’t all stand up and fight for our rights and our freedoms.  NO ONE, and I do mean NO ONE, will ever tell me how or what to think or say.



Author: ajeanneinthekitchen

I have worked in the restaurant and catering industry for 35 years. I attended 2 culinary schools in Southern California, and have a degree in culinary arts from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, as well as a few other degrees in other areas. I love to cook and I love to feed people.

56 thoughts on “So Long Facebook”

  1. I was on it a total one one day and it took me over 30 to get off of it. They don’t like letting go. I hate… I mean seriously hate Facebook. You are better off.

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      1. I agree totally. Plus they have been known to give out info on everyone…their security is terrible. You did the right thing…it just stinks for the people wanting to hear from you.

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  2. You are not alone with this problem. I was shadow banned before the 2016 election. Some of my friends were too, not because of hate speech, we were just discussing the election between ourselves. For many years I wrote pollical pieces on line for different on line platforms. So these were friends I made then. There was no arguments just looking at what we thought the out comes were going to be. I ignored all the other political crap and memes at that time. It was lifted after the election. But it did hurt my food blog page on FB because they limited sharing and it never did recover. I just left it because it is complicated to stop all the auto post from here. I think I have a couple of followers there left now My grand daughter has a baby that is going through treatment for cancer and she keeps the family posted on FB. I was temp. banned this summer and in the letter it didn’t make any sense as to why. I followed the link in the letter and it went to my ISP. Which still confused me as to why the flag. I had not commented in months about politics, just to my grand daughter. When I was able to finely comment to my grand daughter’s posts, I noticed I had several distant relatives who were pushing anti Trump stuff. Lots and Lots of it on my feed. That made me mad. I don’t dare breath a political word on FB and here they had all kinds of ugly memes. Since I didn’t want to complicate things for my grand daughter because she has her hands full, I just unfriend the relatives that spent all day sending those hate Trump memes. Now I just unfriend anyone that sends out that stuff. It was suggested to me that because I follow conservative news on you tube and participated in live stream comments there, that was why I was flagged by the ISP. When you get into all the tentacles they have, I would not be surprised that they are using everything they can to silence opposition.

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    1. I am sorry this happened to you too. Facebook has become a horrible monster. And if anyone is conservative, we are just fuel for their fire. It’s so sad that we are in this place in society. If people don’t wake up soon, our whole country will be lost to these stupid Liberals and the progressive policies.

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      1. They are losing the battle and are in a panic. That is why they are doing what they are doing. These are historic times and we will soon find out just historic they were. I understand how upset you are because you have worked along time to build your following. You are one of the heroes because you spoke up.

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  3. Eff em! I’m not a conservative, but I got sick to death of their intrusive ads and spying and privacy breaches… and then they’d blatantly lie about it! I’ve been out over 18 months and it’s fantastic. Unfortunately, I had to reinstall messenger because some friends won’t text. Grrrr…

    Welcome to the outies! 😻

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  4. I’m working on doing the same. I’m so sick of FB and their childish games. You can’t be a conservative or a Christian on FB or you’re getting banned. Yet they make it so difficult to leave! 😡 So good for you! 👏👏👏

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  5. I wish I could say that I’m surprised but like you said, it’s the times we live in! You have REAL friends that are here for you! You can count on me 😊

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  6. I remember when FakeBook showed up in 2004. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would bother. When my grad. class was planning the 25th reunion in 2008-2009, I got rooked into signing in for reunion stuff. It was fun…for a while…reminiscing and connecting with people I hadn’t seen since elementary, middle or high school. The kids that we were, are not the adults we became. The “new” wore off, fast. Then, when I left Texas, it was good to stay connected to my Texan friends. THEY, and a cousin of mine in Alaska are the only reasons I even maintain a placeholder. I can stay in touch with them, specifically, thru Messenger. I don’t post. I don’t read posts. I use it as a chat function, only.

    Silencing people is a clear indication of the inability to match an opponent on a level playing field.

    I don’t do Twitter, either…another platform that I couldn’t find a reason to use.

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    1. Very well said. I don;t do Twitter or Instagram either. Someone was asking me if I was going to switch to another social media platform. NOPE! I don’t like social media. I was like you. I never wanted to join, but I had to when I was working with the Saint Bernard Rescue. then I got hooked. When I started, that was when FB was HOT, HOT, HOT with all the political mess. I thought that’s what you did. Since then I have come to find out it is just a toxic mess that I no longer want to be a part of. “The kids that we were, are not the adults we became”. This says it all right here. Thank you for your support. 🙂


  7. Good for you! When I quit Facebook, I had to migrate 2,000 photos away from the platform. It made me feel physically ill that I had ever let such a downright evil company have that much personal data on me, my family, and friends. I have to say, I never appreciated the toll that all that toxicity was taking on me until it was gone. Welcome to the land of sanity and goodwill!

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    1. Thank you. I already feel much freer, and I am still in the process. The funny thing is I started Facebook kicking and screaming, because I did not want all my personal information out there in cyberspace. Then I got hooked. I naively and innocently thought you could actually have conversations with people, but I quickly learned that’s just not so. Someone just told me that now that i have been temporarily banned that it goes on record with the FBI. Now that’s really scary. And I still don’t even know what it is I was punished for. I say GOOD RIDDANCE Facebook!

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