Madrid – Part 3- Los Comidas de Madrid

The food in Spain is muy delicioso!!!!  We are most definitely having a good time eating our way through Spain.  So far we have tried and enjoyed all the dishes Spain is known for, and then some.

Before starting our tour of the city, we started our day with some fabulous pan dulce from Granier Paneria.  The owner was a lovely lady named Antonita, who was originally from Venezuela.  All the breads and pan dulces were freshly made and were just begging to be eaten.  Of course, we had to oblige.


We had a light lunch of bocadillos or sandwiches at the famous Museo de Jamon.   Pork and ham are favorites of the Spanish, and the Museo de Jamon is a landmark.  It is a must on any tourist list for Madrid.




We worked up an appetite while taking in the sights, but we knew tapas were on the menu for later, so we ate very light until it was time for tapas.  After all, you can’t go to Madrid and not have tapas, right?!  The Mercado de San Miguel is a huge tapas metropolis.  It is all tapas in there; any kind you can imagine.  We’ve been told that best way to enjoy the tapas of Madrid is to go tapas hopping, from place to place.  So, we started at The Mercado.


We settled on a plate of olives to split between us,  to tide us over until our next stop.



After we enjoyed our olives, it was time to move on.  The next place was a true gem.   It was called the Taste Gallery,  The food was fantastic.  I ordered  a variety of different tapas and Larry decided he wanted more of a meal, so he ordered the grilled lambchops instead of tapas.  Everything was superb.


Of course, I had to have some sangria to start everything off just right.






The Owner, Alesandro was fantastic.  He treated us like we were family.  He was so kind and generous.  I felt like he and I had been old friends for years.  Not only did he take such good care of us in The Taste Gallery, but he also made sure we tried some dessert at one of his other restaurants, La Botijeria, which was also fantastic.


At La Botijeria, we were given some wine and cheese and then a decadently chocolate cake, because apparently we looked like we were staving, and just hadn’t eaten enough already.  It’s a good thing we burned so many calories walking all over the place, because we gained them all back and ten some by the end of the evening.  🙂



Muchas gracias Madrid.  We had a fabulous time in your beautiful city.  The food and the people were all fantastica!  We will see you once more before going home.  Ciao for now!












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I have worked in the restaurant and catering industry for over 35 years. I attended 2 culinary schools in Southern California, and have a degree in culinary arts from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, as well as a few other degrees in other areas. I love to cook and I love to feed people.

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