We’re Not There Yet

We are still traveling.  We had a long, 9 hour flight from Houston to Heathrow, in London, with no sleep.  We have been at Heathrow Airport since 7:00 AM (London time).  Our flight to Madrid leaves in about 1  1/2 hours.  So far, it has already been one very, very long  “travel day”.  We left our house yesterday morning at 7:30 AM, Denver time, for a 10:50 flight.  It was about a 2 hour flight to Houston, with a 2-3 hour layover, then a 9 hour flight to Heathrow, and a 5 hour layover here, with a 2 hour flight into Madrid.

On the plane, excited and refreshed.  This is as we were just leaving Houston.


At least we got a meal.  It was some kind of an Indian chicken dish.


And ice cream too.


London from the air as we are coming in.



London is one massive city.

All I have to say is we ARE NOT fans of Heathrow Airport either.  We were told by someone in Houston how Heathrow was a nightmare to fly in and out of.  We definitely believe him now.  It has been one confusion after another, after another.   We had to take the train from one terminal to the next terminal, and it was a massive pain in the neck to get to and to maneuver all around.  When we finally got to the terminal we wanted to be at, we realized we could not use our United Club pass like we were planning on using, because that was over at the original terminal where we landed.  We did not fee like going through all that mess again.  Then we had to change locations yet again, and we did not know where we were leaving from until about 20 minutes before we were supposed to board the plane since it was not posted until then.  I will be glad to see the backside of Heathrow, that’s for sure.  I am so ready for Spain.

Terminal 5 at sundown

Author: ajeanneinthekitchen

I have worked in the restaurant and catering industry for over 35 years. I attended 2 culinary schools in Southern California, and have a degree in culinary arts from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, as well as a few other degrees in other areas. I love to cook and I love to feed people.

50 thoughts on “We’re Not There Yet”

  1. I have not flied through London for over a decade. Though, I do miss British Airways. They used to be decent (not sure how they are now, but I heard that they are still alright). We had to travel from Heathrow to Gatwick or the other way around when we had a layover. To get from one airport to another, we had to take a bus. The ride was 30+ minutes. AND! we had to take our checked -in luggage with us onto the bus. Can you imagine? It was absolutely horrible.

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  2. Whew! Long day, huh? I am no fan of Heathrow either. We connect through Amsterdam now, and have for years. In the future, avoid Berlin as a connector too, I’m told. Hope y’all have a great time. 😊

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  3. I have ever flown either directly from or into Heathrow, I have never had to transfer between terminals for flights – I can only imagine what a pain that must have been.

    Sorry it was such an ordeal. I saw on the news that they have major technology problems with their systems the last couple of days.

    I can see Canary Wharf in the foreground and when I zoomed in I could pick out Tower Bridge and the Gherkin and the Walkie Talkie building (Sky Gardens up at the top) and I could even see my house, right at the back, the one with the big garden – some people know it as Buckingham Palace, but I prefer “the crib”.

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    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s nice t knw even The British din’t like Heathrow.

      That’s so cool that you recognized some of the sights. We fly back through London on the way home too. Would you be up for getting together? We will actually be staying over night. We will be staying near the airport; yes that dreaded, apparently awful, Heathrow, 🙂


      1. Let me know when you will be here Jeanne. I am going to be away a lot during the latter half of August – going to see my family member who has thyroid cancer. And hoping goldfinch will be coming here from Australia for the bank holiday at the end of August.
        In the meantime, have lots of fun in Spain!


  4. Bless your hearts! Heathrow is the worst airport in the world! we went through last month to go to Lisbon, NEVER again, we missed our connection due to the VERY awkward and ignorant security staff, who couldn’t have cared less and could barely speak English. I’ll be glad to hear you’re out of there and on your way Jeanne, safe journey xxx

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  5. I agree about heathro! Its huge! and a nightmare to get around! Enjoy spain! How long will you be there for? I hope you have a fun time there! My therapist is stuck out there at the moment! She’s in costa del sol!

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