Ollie’s 90th

We are back from Kansas, where we went to go celebrate my mother-in-law Ollie’s 90th birthday.  Nothing Cookin’ at the Moment  Ollie had a great time and had about 150 people helping to celebrate her big milestone birthday.  It was a grand party.   Most of the family was there and everyone did their part to make it a fantastic celebration of life for Ollie.  In a way, the whole Billinger family were my guest chefs for this month.  They all did a FANTASTIC job!!!!!!  Hats off to the Billinger clan.


Ollie’s favorite color is purple, and Bingo is her game, so it was a purple Bingo party.


Ollie, in the purple, with all 9 of her kids.  This picture is a replica of a picture taken for Ollie’s 70th birthday.  Everyone is in the same position they were in 20 years ago.


My brother-in-laws Randy, Roger, Gordon, Francisco and James made most of the food.  James is a farmer and smoked all the meat.  He always does a great job with his smoked meats and always gets rave reviews.  Whenever we are at  “Billinger” event, there is always a ton of food, and this event was no exception.  No one ever goes home hungry after they have been to a “Billinger” party.  My sister-in-law Sheri made all the decorations, the cupcakes and the beautiful chocolate roses as a thank you gift for everyone to enjoy.  Our niece Paige made the beautiful cakes.  The party was a Bingo theme since Ollie is the Queen of Bingo.

Pina Colada Cupcakes


Classic Chocolate Cupcakes


B-I-N-G-O Cupcakes


Paige and Jake bringing in the cakes.  Paige did an AWESOME job on these.  The inside of the Bingo cake was a purple and white marble.   Larry’s oldest sister Linda also had a birthday, and turned 70, so Paige made her a Las Vegas cake as well.  When this cake was cut, Linda hit the jackpot, because it was filled with chocolate gold coins that spilled out.


The birthday “Girl”, the cake and pastry chef.


Chocolate Roses


Hays is the German capital of Kansas and Larry’s family are all part of that German heritage.



Ollie with all 9 kids plus the in-laws and the outlaws.  I am proudly one of the outlaws.  🙂


Ollie and the kids.


Ollie with the great grandkids.


Ollie in the middle with last of her own siblings, Marlane one the right and Mary on the left.  These “Girls” are still looking good.


Larry and his mom.  Ollie finally got a chance to rest.  Happy, Happy Birthday Ollie.   You are the best.  We love you with all our hearts.




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