I Have Been Recognized

I have been recognized and awarded this awesome award, The Blogger’s Recognition Award, by fellow blogger Sunipukadiyil at https://fragrantflowersandrecipes.blog/?author=1.  WOW!!!! Thank you very much.  I am very honored.

Blogger-Recognition-Award-e1555502653666 (1)

What Is The Blogger’s Recognition Award? [B.R.A] as explained by Ribana:

This award is a way of acknowledging the work load and creativity that bloggers put into their blogs. Running and maintaining a blog isn’t just about writing something and then knocking it out to the readership – that is the core element of blogging, but not everything. There is much much, more to keeping a blog running, functioning and being presentable each day of each week of every month.

Bloggers are very talented people – they work hard, they promote market, advertise, and run a busy site.

They organize all kinds of activities; they encourage, motivate, interact, engage and are community orientated. It matters not if they are shy and reticent or loud and personable – each actively progressive blogger is the same – they all work hard and passionately with their blogs, they put the hours in to deliver to their audience each day a welcoming location to read, absorb, learn and have fun.

To escape the hustle bustles of city life, or the begrudgeries of boredom – they entice readers to peruse their pages to look for entertainment.

That is what the Blogger’s Recognition Award celebrates.


My blog, “A Jeanne in the Kitchen” started from a kitchen conversation with one of my best friends.  She was telling me how she was always so impressed with how I could create something out of thin air and leftovers.  I thought everyone cooked this way.  I never gave it much thought.  I also never gave any thought whatsoever about writing a blog up until that point.  I really did not even know that much about the world of blogging.  I am still very much a work in progress, learning as I go.  I’ve come a long way since my humble beginnings, with a long, fun journey still ahead.

My Advice to Bloggers Both New and Old

  1. Be Yourself.  Your readers will know if you are not being yourself or if you are not being real.  They are smart and sophisticated.
  2. Know your subject matter.  Again, your readers are to smart and will know when you are trying to pull a fast one on them.
  3. Be consistent.  Don’t play games if you want your blog to succeed.  It takes hard work and discipline to be successful.
  4. Have fun.  If you are not having fun with your blog, or not receiving any benefit from it, put it away and give it a break.  You can always come back to it later.  If your heart is not involved with your blog, your readers won’t be either.


There are so many great bloggers out there, each with their own unique personality.  Everyone has so much to offer.  It is very hard for me to come up with only a few that I think really shine.  Everyone has their own bright shining star.  But here are some of my favorites.  I think you will like them too.

Once again, many, many thanks for this honor.  It is all possible because of all of you.  if you like what you see and what you are reading, come check me out at ajeanneinthekitchen.com.  Hope to see you all soon.






Author: ajeanneinthekitchen

I have worked in the restaurant and catering industry for over 35 years. I attended 2 culinary schools in Southern California, and have a degree in culinary arts from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, as well as a few other degrees in other areas. I love to cook and I love to feed people.

47 thoughts on “I Have Been Recognized”

  1. Hi Jeanne, first and foremost congrats on being recognised by the community and therefore receiving the gifted award 🙂 Secondly many thanks also for your gifting to me, l shall try and attend to this next week – thirdly, here is Nicodemus and Oti’s Feline Interview. Lucie and Vinnie shall be completed tomorrow 🙂


    I do hope it is enjoyed by all and please do feel free to email me any further images you might like added to both this interview and the interview tomorrow – you can have up to 9 per interview 🙂

    Rory & Scrappy Doodlepip 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Jeanne, absolute pleasure, l got delayed yesterday, however Scrappy informs me she is working dilligently on Lucie and Vinnie’s interview even as l type 🙂


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