We Had To Say Goodbye

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this today. We had to say goodbye to our big boy Vinnie. He was riddled with lymphoma and the cancer was too much for him. He couldn’t beat it. He was 9, which for a giant breed dog is considered geriatric. When we took him in for his shots and annual 6 months ago, he was fine. Then the cancer hit, and hit him hard. He lost 25 lbs from then til now, and was skin and bones. He was riddled with lymphoma all over his body. We had hope once we put him on steroids, but it was a false hope that only lasted for a few days. He lived a very good life. But he was a trooper, right up until the end, and he still had his big happy smile. He knew he was very well loved. And he had a heart that was even bigger than he was.

Mommy and his sisters spent last night with him. Daddy took him on last walk this morning.

He even got his last snow.

The vet came to the house around 10:30 this morning to help him cross over the rainbow bridge. He is no longer in any pain. He is once again with his beloved sister, Lucie.

I know, he will be there waiting for us, along with all his other sisters and brothers. Their tails will all be wagging gleefully when we see each other once again.

Goodbye big boy. Mommy and daddy love you always and forever.


Author: ajeanneinthekitchen

I have worked in the restaurant and catering industry for over 35 years. I attended 2 culinary schools in Southern California, and have a degree in culinary arts from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, as well as a few other degrees in other areas. I love to cook and I love to feed people.

36 thoughts on “We Had To Say Goodbye”

  1. Oh no Jeanne…..I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy Vinnie. I know you must be a mess but know I’m a mess right there with you. I’m sending you and Larry big hugs. Juni Bug must be so lost without him. Jeez I can’t stop crying. God bless you all.💔💔💔😥😥😥💜💜💜💜

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  2. Omg, he was so beautiful, and this tribute to him made him doubly so. Thank you so much for sharing your baby with us, and know that your love for him is felt all the way over here. 💜

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  3. I am so sorry…we lost our Saint…Molly a few years ago at 9 years old from cancer. I am truly sorry…it’s beyond sad when this happens.

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