Some Virginia Wines – Part 1 – The Winery At Bull Run

Of course the main reason we went to Virginia was for our niece’s wedding, but the weeding was only one day. We made yet another vacation out of the trip and did oh so much more than the wedding.

Becky was a beautiful bride and the wedding was gorgeous. I will not be posting any pictures of the wedding, however. Becky and Clayton need a chance to see their wedding pictures before everyone else does and also, weddings are personal, not public. I will post a couple of wedding pictures though, just so you see we can actually clean up well when we need to. πŸ™‚

The Bride and Groom with all of Larry’s siblings and spouses, whom we all lovingly call the “outlaws”. Yes, I am most definitely an outlaw. The rebel in me loves this name too.

Aside from the wedding, we also visited a few wineries. The first one we visited was the first thing we did after leaving the airport. It was called The Winery at Bull Run, in Manassas, VA. I LOVED their chardonnay, and we bought a bottle to enjoy during the week. Virginia actually ranks as the 5th highest wine producer in the United States. We have now been to four, with many more to go see.

No only did Bull Run offer some delicious wines, but it is loaded with Civil War history as well. Our wine guides were a lot of fun too. This is Sebastian.

The Winery at Bull Run, actually sits on the Bull Run historic site, which I thought was very interesting. The winery and grounds were beautiful.

Making the wines on sight.

Bull Run is ready to party!

And now some Civil War history to go with our wines.

This old structure was one of the hospitals for wounded soldiers.

Guns and memorabilia actually used in the Civil War.

One of the original Confederate flags.

All wineries have their own unique style and personality, but I can honestly say, this is the first one I have ever been to with a history of the Civil War. Virginia was one of the major Confederate states and a lot of Civil War history can be found all over he state. We actually went to quite a few Civil War sights and learned a lot about it, from both points of view and perspectives. It was very interesting. We learned a lot.

Stay tuned. I have so much more fun and interesting things to share.


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