Touring Denver – Part 2 – Balistreri Vineyards

After touring Hammond’s Candy Factory Touring Denver – Part 1 – Hammond’s Candy Factory we were ready for our next adventure. Jenni and I both love our wines, and we were ready for to do some wine tasting. So we did some research and lo and behold, there was a winery, Balistreri Vineyards, that was only about a mile away from where Hammond’s was. How could we pass that up?

Next stop, Balistreri Vineyards. Balistreri is a new vineyard for me too, so yet again, we ventured to a new place for both of us. Balistreri is a little oasis located in the heart of the industrial part of town. You would never know it though. By looking at it, you would think you are in the middle of wine country.

Balistreri Vineyards hosts a lot of weddings and events, and you can easily see why. This is the front entrance. In the back there is an even larger area where they set up for concerts and other events as well. We were told they are having four wedding this weekend.

Balistreri Vineyards is a family-owned & operated, all-natural winery located just 10 minutes outside of Downtown Denver. All their natural wines are made from Colorado grown grapes that are grown in Palisades, in Western Colorado, or what is commonly known as the Western Slopes.

Balistreri Vineyards was first started in 1998, by John and Birdie Balistreri. John wanted to create a wine in the traditional old world Italian style, like his family made back in Sicily. Prior to 1998 the Balistreri family was only making wines for family and friends, but then decided to make it commercially for all of Denver to enjoy as well.

Birdie Balistreri was originally a florist and grew flowers. Today, that very same land that was used to grow Birdie’s flowers home to the Balistreri Event Center and Winery. This is Birdie, or as she fondly calls herself, “the Wino’s wife”.

Julie Balistreri, “the Wino’s Daughter” and winemaker as well.

Balistreri offers about 20+ different wines, mostly big, bold, dry reds. However, they do have some ports and slightly sweeter wines and some white wines, that are actually “orange” in color. They are just white wines that have been made with the skins still on them, and the color is a light orange rather than the normal white we see.

Philip is explaining the process of making the “orange” whites.

Larry, my DD, was not with us today, so I had to go very light on the tastings. I did a a light flight, and only tried a few of the wines, but Jenni did the bulk of the tastings, and she tried all the wines. My flight was called “The Welcome Back Flight” and consisted of a viognier, a sangiovese, a tempranillo, a malbec and a petit verdot. All the wines were very good, but I think my favorite was the petit verdot, although I really liked the sangiovese too.

Birdie took us on a tour of the wine cellar too, where she showed us the process of how they make all their wines, the old fashioned, natural way.

Balistreri is considered a boutique winery and produce about 8,000 cases of wine per year. Currently they have 386 barrels in their cellar.

Everything is still done by hand, and all the bottles are hand dipped in wax to seal them too.

Don is getting the labels ready to place on the bottles. He is lightning fast and everything is done to perfection.

Not only were there good wines to enjoy at Balistreri, but there was also some fun and funky art as well. There were also doing some wedding preparations taking place too.

Once again, we had another fun and informative adventure while exploring Denver. We both thoroughly enjoyed the Balistreri wines and hospitality. Balistreri Vineyards is located at 1946 East 66th Street, Denver, CO. You can call them at (303) 287-5156 or you can visit them online at, or better yet, go in person and let the tastings begin.

Stay tuned. The Denver adventures of Jeanne and Jenni aren’t done yet. There is still more to come.

Stay safe and stay well Everyone. ‘Til next time.


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  1. Wow! Very interesting post. I have never been to winery shop in my life. In fact, we never got a chance to visit wineries. Whenever we go out, either we go to see attractions or sit in the restaurents. But I really want to visit one and taste the wines.

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