The Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday, our church had a big community Easter egg hunt. Lacy, who works in our children’s ministry, put on a great event. A bunch of us all volunteered to help scatter Easter eggs and as well as help out with a bunch of other fun things she had planned for the day. She even had a cute dance and puppet show for the kids before the Easter egg hunt. We had about 4000 filled eggs for the kids of all ages to find. The eggs were filled with candy, small toys, money and a few lucky eggs had special tickets inside, but more on those in a bit. There were lots of smiles from all the kids who were there. I think everyone had a lot of fun.

I took a whole bunch of pictures, but I am only going to share a few with you. Of course if you want to see them all, you can always go to our church website.

Wendy and Leva, with Wendy’s special friend “Johnny”.

Pastor John getting into the spirit.

Our Lead Pastor, Matthew.

And our guests, the kids and their families. They were all so excited and had so much fun. These pictures are inside our Sanctuary, our newly painted sanctuary that we all painted last week. (We painted the whole inside of the church).

The hunt is on, outside, behind the church.

Opening up the eggs to see what’s inside. This little boy got a big spider. I think he liked it. He was so full of personality. He and his two older brothers were all dressed alike.

Lots of candy.

One of church members donated a whole bunch of brand new bikes for the event, so some of the eggs were lucky eggs, and had a special ticket inside for a brand new bike.

These two little girls did not find that special ticket, but they were so sweet. They are taking care of one of the recent Ukrainian refugees, and they were telling me the story about their new friend. They said if they won, they would give the bike to her.

I did get some pictures of some of the new bike owners though. That was a complete surprise to them, and totally made their day. This little girl chose the new Spiderman bike.

This boy got the big mountain bike. His shirt matched his new bike. It was just meant to be.

At the end of the day, some people were ready to take a break,

while others were still having fun.

All in all, it was yet another fun and busy day. Everyone had a great time.

Happy Easter Everyone. Stay safe and stay well. ‘Til next time.


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