Korean BBQ in K-Town

As most of you know, I am always open to trying new things, new restaurants and new dishes. This time, my new dining experience was in K-Town (Korea Town) for some delicious Korean style BBQ with my friend Su Yeun. When trying new places like this, it is always way more fun to experience them with a native to the culture and the traditions. This way, you get the best experiences, which are the most fun. Our Korean adventure began when went to Seoul Hot Pot and BBQ in Aurora for lunch.

We were seated by a seating robot that took us to our table. Sometimes “she” is used as a food server too, though not this time. Those of us who were not used to this were completely awed. She is moving from place to place here. Our server was Young, and she was fantastic. She took such good care of us.

Seoul Hot Pot is like two different restaurants in one. One side of the restaurant is designed for the hotpots. You choose what you want from their vast selection of fresh vegetables and meats and then you cook them right at your own table. Every table has its own set of individual hot pot stoves.

We chose the other side of the restaurant this time though. The other side is set up for Korean style BBQ, where again, each table is set up with its own little grill and everything is cooked to order at your table.

Since I was clueless on how this works, I sat back and let Su Yeun order our lunch. She ordered two kinds of pork short ribs. We had some that were marinated and some that were not. Both were so tender and full of flavor.

There was a wide array of traditional Korean side dishes that came with the meat too. Of course I had to sample everything, and everything was delicious. Everything is brought to you on a cart and then beautifully displayed around the grill.

Can you believe we ate almost everything too? And it was just the two of us. I don’t know about Su, but I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day. I was so full.

We had a very fun lunch and a very nice visit. After lunch we went to some of the Korean shops around the area too. I had an excellent tour guide and learned some Korean history as well. Maeu gamsahabnida Su, or for those of us who don’t speak Korean, thank you very much for a fabulous day and fun experience.

If you are looking for a fun and delicious new dining experience, this is definitely worth trying. The food and service were amazing, plus it was loaded with new adventures for me. I highly recommend Seoul Korean Hot Pot & BBQ, which is located at 2080 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014. They open at 11:00 AM and are open for both lunch and dinner. You can make reservations or just stop in. You can give them a call at (303) 632-7576. There is another Seoul Korean Hot Pot & BBQ located in Northglenn, but they are only open for dinner.


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I have worked in the restaurant and catering industry for over 35 years. I attended 2 culinary schools in Southern California, and have a degree in culinary arts from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, as well as a few other degrees in other areas. I love to cook and I love to feed people.

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