Life in Belize – Part 2

On the island of San Pedro, the sea is a way of life. It is even said the name Belize comes from the word belikin, which means land facing the sea. Life In Belize – Part 1. The residents depend on the sea for food and the rich marine life is one of the main reasons for so much of the tourism industry, which is the main industry to the island, and Belize in general. When we were leaving to go to Belize, there were a lot of sport fishermen with their fishing poles in hand who were on our plane. And then there are the divers. We told all the fishermen to leave some fish for us to see too. 🙂

This is the marina in Belize City that we left out of en route to San Pedro.

Our ferry. We weren’t quite sure if we were even going to make it over to San Pedro. We experienced some engine trouble about half way to the island. One engine completely blew out. But our captain pushed through and we did eventually make it to San Pedro safely. !Muchas gracias Capitan!

Larry and a friend on the bridge in Belize City before we got onto the ferry. This gentleman was security for the ferry company. I guess they have a lot of problems with the locals.

We’re on our way. San Pedro, here we come.

Pro Dive, the company we dived with. The whole staff was FANTASTIC. They were all so friendly and knowledgeable. Their name says it all. They were all definitely PROS! Belize offers some great diving. It is on the same reef as Cozumel (our absolute favorite place to dive) and Roatan, Honduras. We see a lot of the same marine life in all three places, and yes, we have dived all three places, and many, many more places too. The underwater topography is different, but the marine life is the same.

The Ladies behind the scenes and in the office.

Hernacio hard at work on the other side of the office.

Our boat for the week, the Lady “R” .

Carlos, one of our great dive masters for the week.

Thank you all for a fantastic week of diving. 🙂 You know we will be back again, as soon as we can make it.


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