Juneau Is Healing

Aside from her stitches and her her cone, you would never know that just last week we were saying a lot of prayers for Juneau. She is almost back to normal. We still have her on her meds, and she is still wearing her cone, and she would definitely be running all around and wrestling with her big brother if we would let her. She is acting as though nothing happened to her at all. But she still has to lay low and wear her cone for at least one more week. We have to make sure all her stitches heal.

She is still playing with her ball.

Being a malamute, she LOVES the cold weather and the snow. She was born for the snow. We had about 7 inches of snow fall from the skies on New Year’s Eve and Juneau was loving every minute of it. We called her our snow cone.

She is still healing and has to rest as much as she can, as much as she hates it. Vinnie decided he would watch over her, so they rested together. Vinnie is such a good big brother. He loves his little sister.


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