The Arvada Flour Mill

While we were strolling the streets of Arvada for the Scarecrow Festival The Scarecrow Festival in Downtown Arvada, Julia suggested we tour around through the Flour Mill. This held a special place in Julia’s heart, since her grandfather worked in a flour mill.

The mill was located right on the rail tracks, as most of them were in the days before trucks.

Once we walked inside, it was like walking back in time. We all remembered using a lot of these products. How old does that make us sound now????? YIKES!

Arvada was the first place where gold was found “in them thar hills” of Colorado, back in June of 1850. People started migrating to the west in droves, with visions of gold. The real way to make money was not in the gold mining itself, but was through becoming a local merchant or farming the land and selling to the miners instead.

The land of Arvada was rich and fertile and was perfect for agriculture. Being centrally located between Denver and the mountains it was a perfect location for the farmers because they drew people from both areas.

It was so fun to hear Julia explain how things worked and listening to her fond memories of her grandfather.

Outside the mill, we got to do a little panning for gold ourselves, but all we found was “fool’s gold” or pyrite.

We even hopped onto the tractors and pretended like we knew what we were doing. Julia is the only one who actually grew up on a farm, so she was right at home.

It was fun to step back in time and go back to a more simple life, even if only briefly.

Everything can be fun. You just have to let the fun come in. Enjoy your day nd make the most of it. May all your days have some fun in them. Stay safe and stay well Everyone. ‘Til next time.


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