Shopping for Spices

The other day when we met up with Julia and Bruce, Lunch at Lady Nomada’s Julia and I popped into Penzey’s Spice Shop. Penzy’s is another specialty spice shop, very similar to Savory Spice, which is located in Denver. Savory Spices of Denver. Penzey’s, however, is a larger company, with 69 stores scattered throughout the country. They have their headquarters in Wawautosa, Wisconsin. It started off as a family business in 1957 by Bill and Ruth Penzey, and still is a family business today.

Every store has a replica of Grandma Ruth’s kitchen, since that’s where it all began.

Penzey’s is full of all kinds of spices, both domestic and exotic. You can find just about anything there, even things you didn’t even know about. Jut think of all the fun you can have trying out all these different and unique spices. YUM!

The spice vase.

Julia and I are looking for our next spice adventure. I think we just may have found it too. 🙂

Of course we both bought a bag full of goodies. My goodie bag included a large bag of crushed Aleppo peppers, a large bag of ancho crushed peppers, a large jar of orange extract, a large jar of lemon extract and a large jar of grated orange peel, as well as something new to me that was recommended by Julia, Fox Point herbs, which I just used in a big pot of chicken noodle soup I just made too. Delicious.

When out with friends, make everyday an adventure. Those adventures make happy memories that last a lifetime. 🙂

We went to the Penzey’s in Arvada, located at 7511 Grandview. On your next stroll through downtown Arvada, stop in and spice things up a bit.


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