The Rocks of Ages

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary.   To celebrate we both took off work a little early and went on a tour of the beautiful Red Rocks area with “Dr. Rox” and Trail Gems Adventure Tours.   Dr. Rox , also known as Roxana Safipour, is the owner and operator of Trail Gems.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we first booked the tour, but Dr. Rox’ passion came out and made the tour very informative, interesting and fun.  These red rocks are so beautiful and we have been to the Red Rocks Natural Amplitheater many, many times for some of the most amazing concerts, but today, the rock stars were the rocks themselves.  We went back in time over 1.7 billion years and learned the history of the rocks and the area.  Our tour lasted about 1 1/2 hours, but we traveled through time to over 1.7 Billion years ago up through 55 million years ago, and saw how the rocks and the landscape changed over time.  The Red Rocks area is one of the very few places that shows such a vast span of time through the ages all in one place.  We picked a perfect day for the tour as well.  It was a beautiful, warm and sunny fall day.  The colors are so vivid and just beginning to really change for the season.

Can you believe these rocks are over 1.7 billion years old?  These rocks are part of the same red rocks found at The Garden of the Gods and throughout various other places in Colorado.







Dr. Rox explaining the geology of the area at the start of our hike and tour.



We had a visitor who wanted to join us for the tour as well.  A beautiful young mule deer was closely watching us while nibbling on some snacks as we were learning the history of the area.



Just below these rocks is the amplitheater.  It is THE BEST PLACE ever to hear a concert.  You are surrounded by all this natural beauty with phenomenal natural acoustics.  Everyone in the music industry longs to play here at Red Rocks.  Red Rocks is located in Morrison, which is only about 45 minutes from us.


John Denver, our beloved “son”, made Red Rocks his home when here in Colorado. There is a big John Denver tribute here at Red Rocks.  He is the one who really put this gorgeous natural amplitheater on the map and made it the Rock Star that it is.



John Denver’s guitar.


Just across the way, these are the younger rocks of the area.  There are two different layers here, The Morrison formation, which is the lower section, and the Dakota formation, which is the upper section.  These rocks only date back to between 145-155 million years old.


The hogback ridge.


Some of the local flora and colors.


Columbines are our state flower.  I just love Columbines.




Dr. Rox enjoying her office view.


Dr. Rox or Roxana Safipour, is the owner and operator of Trail Gems Adventure tours.  She is very passionate about what she does and loves to share her passion with others.  You can contact Dr. Rox or Trail Gems Adventure Tours at, or or by calling her at (970) 480-7047.






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