Empanadas de Rincon Argentino

Argentina is a relatively large country, known for its food and wines almost as much as it is for soccer, or football as it is known to the rest of the world outside of the USA.  Some of the culinary wonders Argentina is famous for are its beef and chimicurri sauce Steak Chimichurri, all its fabulous wines, particularly its Malbec and its empanadas.  They make many, many different varieties of empanadas and eat them on their own or as a side dish served with something else.  My friend Priscilla, whom you have heard me make mention of many times, is from Rosario, just outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  If there is something from Argentina that she really recommends, I am most definitely going to take her advice and follow her recommendations.

There is a small Argentine restaurant in Boulder, Colorado named Rincon Argentino, which is famous for its empanadas.   Priscilla has been raving about this restaurant for years, and though I have eaten and enjoyed their empandadas many times at her house, I never had been to the restaurant itself until now.   We went with our friends Janet and Bob, whom you have also gotten to know many times through my posts.  Rincon Argentino is a small family owned restaurant, owned by Buenos Aires native, Christian Sabor, who has since made Boulder his home.  He and his wife have owned and operated Rincon Argentino since 2012.  It is a small ” fast-casual spot that specializes in empanadas — very good empanadas”.  He specializes in empanadas “because they’re simple to take out and carry around, to go hiking with”.  People in Boulder are always on the go, and they like to either enjoy their food that they can easily take with them, or eat while relaxing out on their patio with a glass of wine or beer after they return from their adventures.  Either way, Rincon Aregentino is more than happy to oblige and their empanadas speak for themselves.  Rincon also delivers and caters for you as well.



A lot of small restaurants have you order from the board, then give you a number and deliver the food to your table.


Once you order, your food is prepared in the open kitchen, in this special oven.  You can see it all being lovingly prepared by hand.


You can dine inside, in this charming little dining area ….


You can enjoy the beautiful patio on a nice, sunny day.


We chose the patio option, where we sat with our numeros de colores and some wine and beer under the leaves of this big shady tree, watching the life in Boulder go by.


In just a few short moments, our empanadas arrived, fresh and hot out of the oven.  Because there are so many varieties of empanadas from which to choose, we chose four different kinds and split them in half.  We also tried all their delicious sauces.  They offered a creamy avocado sauce and both los chimichurri verde y los chimichurri rojo, or the red and the green chimichurries.



As expected, everything was scrumptious and we enjoyed every last bit.  We wanted more, but we were completely satiated and did not need anything else.  Our tummies were deliciously satisfied with what we had.

If you want something different and want a little bit of Argentina, then I highly recommend Rincon Argentino.  You can find it at 2525 Arapahoe Ave., # AO5, in “The Village at Boulder”, Boulder, CO or at http://www.rinconargentinoboulder.com


The only negative I have to say, and it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the restaurant, but everything to do with some of the stupid, crazy people who visit.  I was outside taking all these pictures, and some stupid idiot ran into me, literally.  The parking lot is very small and cramped, and I was standing in the parking lot taking pictures, when some moron literally backed his car into me and his rear bumper was kissing my legs.  But what made it even worse, was that not only did he hit me once, but he continued to back up and continued to ram his bumper into my legs even more.  He could easily see me; how could he not.  I am not a short person, and he should have seen me in his rear view mirror.  Needless to see, once I realized what was happening, I screamed more than a few choice words at him, but the jerk did not even stop.  He just drove away.  I am very lucky I was not hurt, but I was extremely pissed about being hit, and being hit more than once.  Then the stupid jerk just drove away, knowing full well he had run into me numerous times.  Everyone who was dining on the patio saw the whole thing.  So, when you do go, be careful for the morons who occupy the parking lot.









Author: ajeanneinthekitchen

I have worked in the restaurant and catering industry for 35 years. I attended 2 culinary schools in Southern California, and have a degree in culinary arts from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, as well as a few other degrees in other areas. I love to cook and I love to feed people.

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