Los Comidas de Cozumel

To me, the best part of traveling is experiencing the surroundings and taking in the culture of wherever you happen to be at the time.  That includes eating all the local and traditional foods of the area too, which is definitely right up my alley.  The foods in Cozumel are the traditional Mexican foods you see all throughout the country, but they have more of an emphasis on seafood than a lot of other Mexican foods coming from more inland regions or states.  Every region has its own style and recipes, which adds more variety to the menu, and just means there is that much more to try later.  We can’t try everything all it once now, can we? 🙂   We love Mexican food and eat it quite often.  We also love seafood, so for us, it’s all good, and all will be delicious.

Steak, chicken and fish tacos from and Blackened Grouper, accompanied with a tasty margarita from The Thirsty Cougar.  This was our first night in Cozumel.  We are up in the northern end of town.  The food was delicious and the margarita really hit the spot after a long day of traveling.







Day #2 –  Once again we found ourselves in the northern part of town, in the main  plaza.  This time, we tried Dorados de Villa.   More delicious bebitas y comida that we really enjoyed.  This time, we feasted on pork fajitas and a Mayan pork dish called itacates, that was with a delicious salsa verde.






Day #3 –  Larry started getting the bug and could not eat anything, so I sent him off to bed and stayed on the grounds of our hotel, rather than going anywhere else.  Whenever we go to Cozumel, which is fairly often, we stay at the Villablanca Hotel, located right across the street from the ocean.  It used to be right next door to the dive operators we dived with, but they since have moved.  They are still the only people we dive with when in Cozumel though.  We still like to stay at the Villablanca though.  It is a very nice family owned hotel with 50 rooms that was made for scuba divers.  They also have a very good family owned and operated restaurant right on the premises, named Chalos.










This guy was NOT on the menu, he was just another guest; this time.  However, BBQ’ed iguana is a very popular dish all throughout the Caribbean, so if he isn’t careful, he just might be someone’s dinner soon.

I feasted on delicious pollo mole, or chicken mole.  I took some chicken soup and plain rice to Larry to help him feel better.  I will pause this post, Los Comidas de Cozumel, here to keep you hungering for more in my next post.  Desfruitas!


This plate is a Frieda Kahlo design.  She was one of Mexico’s most famous artists, married to Diego Rivera, another famous artist of Mexico.

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I have worked in the restaurant and catering industry for 35 years. I attended 2 culinary schools in Southern California, and have a degree in culinary arts from the Southern California School of Culinary Arts, as well as a few other degrees in other areas. I love to cook and I love to feed people.

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